Sam Fuld on “Clutch” Hitters

by Jason Epstein

Here is another reason to enjoy keeping tabs on the Rays replacement for the departed Carl Crawford:

[Sam] Fuld is fascinated by what the numbers tell him about the concept of clutch hitters.

“Most of the numbers out there show that there’s no such thing,” Fuld said. “And it’s crazy to think that, because I swear I’ve played with guys who just tend to come through in the clutch. And others that don’t.

“But that’s the beauty of numbers is that our minds don’t necessarily capture the whole picture accurately. Our emotions remember certain things for whatever reason, and there are certain things you don’t remember. So I think that’s the beauty of numbers. It’s fact. There’s no way around it.”

I await your comments accusing the Stanford stat geek of sucking the fun out of the game from the safety of his mother’s basement left field at Tropicana Field. ;-)


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