Houston Texans Draft Preview

by Kevin Glass

The Houston Texans will be heading into their ninth season without ever making the playoffs. In what’s become somewhat of a yearly tease for the local fans, they’re frequently picked by experts as being ready to have a breakout season — only to fall short. Houston has posted only one winning record since getting their new expansion franchise. They’ve had a juggernaut passing game for the past few years and finally complemented it with a powerful ground attack last year. Alas, the defense was simply not up to snuff.

Defense, defense, defense. The Houston Texans enter tonight’s draft with huge holes on the defensive side of the ball, as they had one of the league’s most porous pass defenses in 2010. Mario Williams is their only legitimate pass rusher and their secondary was a mess.

Rumors abound that the Texans will try to trade up in the first round to pick one of the draft’s stud defenders, cornerback Patrick Peterson or linebacker Von Miller. With the ongoing lockout, that might be both difficult and unlikely. No matter where they pick, they’re pretty much taking best defender on the board. In their current position (11), it’ll probably be DE Robert Quinn, DE Da’Quan Bowers, CB Prince Amukamara or even DT Nick Fairley heading to Houston. There’s been idle chatter of taking Julio Jones, considered one of the draft’s two can’t-miss WR prospects, if he’s there . . . but that’ll turn out to be just idle chatter.

Outside of the first round, you can expect to see defense all the way (and maybe a fullback to replace their departing All-Pro Vonta Leach). The cows have a young, elite-level offense; It’s their defense that needs improvement to see this team go places.

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