Better Luck Next Year

by Cindy Chin

With all the buzz over who is in the upcoming NFL draft, no one is talking about who isn’t in the draft that should be. The one name that comes to mind is Andrew Luck, quarterback for Stanford. Our beloved San Francisco 49ers have been “rebuilding” since the days of Steve Young, and could certainly use a quarterback, especially one like Luck.

If Luck were in today’s NFL draft, he could very well have been the top pick. (Sorry, Cam Newton.) We all know Luck opted to play out his senior year at Stanford under the belief that he would be playing for his mentor, Coach Jim Harbaugh. Looks like the 49ers took a page out of their old playbook and recruited yet another Stanford football coach (Hall of Famer Bill Walsh was also a Cardinal coach, you’ll recall).        

If Luck had known Harbaugh was going to turn pro, maybe Luck would have, too. And maybe, just maybe, the two could have reunited wearing 49er red and gold this year.

But what’s done is done. If the NFL doesn’t end up working out for Luck in the future, he will always have his Stanford degree.  

Cindy Chin is events director at the San Francisco–based Pacific Research Institute

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