NFL Players and Head Injuries

by Greg Pollowitz

If Manning is doing this, I have to assume so is just about everyone else in the league:

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning admitted Wednesday that he intentionally tries to underperform on the NFL’s preseason baseline concussion test so he can remain off the injury report if he suffers a head injury during the season.

“They have these new (brain) tests we have to take,” he said. “Before the season, you have to look at 20 pictures and turn the paper over and then try to draw those 20 pictures. And they do it with words, too. Twenty words, you flip it over, and try to write those 20 words.

The four-time league MVP made the revelation in an article when he was asked for his opinion about recent research into the long-term effects of concussions during a joint interview with his father, Archie, and brother, Eli.

As an aside in the article, Archie Manning slapped his forehead in disapproval.

Last week, former NFL safety Matt Bowen also admitted to hiding concussions, responding to a piece by writing: “Every offseason I would miss questions on the concussion test. Bad move looking back.”

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