Re: Re: Cleveland: Ya Gotta be Tough

by Peter Kirsanow

Jason, clearly, Choo must’ve thought he had it all together. He seeks out a cop and then holds a running commentary with him before eventually being pulled over for DUI. He sure wasn’t trying to hide anything.

Nonetheless, he was in the lineup last night as the Indians rallied for three runs in the ninth to beat Oakland 4-1 to go to 20-8. It was their fourth straight come-from-behind win.

They’re doing this despite the fact that their three and four hitters — Choo and Carlos Santana — have been in slumps for most of April (Choo has been emerging from his over the last week). And two pitchers in the starting rotation have been on the DL.

Choo is one of the more beloved players in any sport in Cleveland. We love his hustle, fundamentals, and versatility. Assuming he ceases and desists from DUI, the fanbase will forgive him after his next RBI.

BTW — in my previous post I make reference to the ’95 World Series. I meant to say ’97 World Series. In Cleveland, the heartbreaks are so numerous they seem fungible.

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