Obama Doesn’t Want to Spike the Football

by Greg Pollowitz

I hope somebody tells this to the NFL:

NFL planning special 9/11 tributes at Kickoff Weekend games

And going back to 2001, the war against the terrorists began during the Sunday football games on October 7:

THE Jets players and coaches knew. When the first reports of the bombing of Kabul and Kandahar were appearing on television shortly before noon, the Jets were either in their rooms or at their pregame meal at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Buffalo.

The Jets’ first chartered bus to Ralph Wilson Stadium left the hotel at 12:30 p.m., the last bus at 1:30 p.m. So they knew.

‘’I saw that,’’ Jets Coach Herman Edwards said, alluding to the war news after his team’s 42-36 victory. ‘’You think about all the troops over there who are fighting for us so that we can stand here. Your prayers are with them.’’

Before the national anthem, the public-address announcer reminded the assembly of 72,654 that ‘’American servicemen and women are fighting to preserve our freedom.’’

During the anthem, several fans held up their own American flags. One large flag was held by Jets fans — one in a No. 80 Chrebet jersey, the other in a green sweatshirt.

Oh, yeah. We’ll be spiking the ball.

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