Baseball’s Drinking Problem

by Corey Dean Hall

Unfortunately, someone is probably going to have to die before something is done about this.

Even before the rash of DUIs that embarrassed the sport this spring, Major League Baseball and the players’ union planned on negotiating a policy that will discipline players for alcohol-related arrests, multiple sources told Yahoo! Sports.

For the rest of this season, however, baseball players are free to drink and drive with minimal threat of punishment. The sources said the sides do not plan to institute a temporary policy before the Dec. 11 expiration of the current collective-bargaining agreement.

Which leaves the MLB prone as ever to the awkwardness of suspending Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen for two games because he used Twitter after an ejection while allowing Shin-Soo Choo(notes), Derek Lowe(notes), Adam Kennedy(notes), Coco Crisp(notes), Austin Kearns(notes) and Miguel Cabrera(notes) to skate without professional consequences after their arrests.

Choo batted third for the Cleveland Indians on Tuesday night, less than 48 hours after registering a .201 blood-alcohol level when police pulled him over in a Cleveland suburb. The Indians put out a trite statement bemoaning the arrest. Choo followed with a trite statement apologizing for the mistake. That was that.

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