Posada Non Grata

by Jason Epstein

Here are some of the more intriguing Tweets discovered as the Jorge Posada mess unfolded:

benbadler: I’m serious. Bat Jeter 8th or 9th. Needs to be done and it’s a perfect opportunity to make Jeter look good by comparison

sherripizza: I think Posada acted unwisely today and his actions lost him a lot of goodwill that #Yankees fans and management had towards him.

joe_sheehan: The lesson here, folks, is to suck by hitting .260 with no walks or power, rather than .160 with both.

mikeaxisa: Let’s see if Jeter catches the same kind of sh*t Soriano did when he didn’t wait around for reporters.

junkstats: The only way this story could get better would be if Posada and Cashman swapped wives & families.

buster_espn: Bottom line on the whole Posada thing: This episode will accelerate his departure from the team unless he starts producing at the plate ASAP

marc_normandin: Digging hurt his back. It all makes sense now! RT: @rebeccapbp Is it me or did Posada just dig himself a huge hole?

kendavidoff: For those who ask why Posada got dropped while Jeter, A-Rod, Teixeira spared: Posada is more disposable than those guys. #Yankees

devil_fingers: Oh man, Jorge Posada has really put the Yankees in a bind. Why, if they terminate his contract, they might have to settle on Carlos Beltran!

bkabak: Jorge Posada upset that Mike Huckabee isn’t running for president. http://bit.ly/mOlqBt

My bold prediction for tonight’s series finale: Posada and his zero hits in 30 plate appearances from the right side of the plate this season will not start against southpaw Jon Lester.

(Thanks to Baseball Think Factory commenter Howie Menckel for the awesome headline.)

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