by Jason Epstein

In the 12th inning of last night’s Marlins-Giants game from AT&T Park, Marlins center fielder Scott Cousins attempted to score from third base on a fly ball to right-center. Waiting for him at home plate was Giants catcher Buster PoseyHere is the scary result. While the injury appears serious, it is not yet known how much playing time Posey will miss.

The star catcher’s agent has already questioned the practice of catchers blocking the plate, sometimes without even having possession of the ball, and runners subsequently barreling into catchers, sometimes when the catcher is not even blocking the plate. Others undoubtedly will raise similar concerns.

On the other hand, collisions at home plate have long been a staple of highlight reels and trumpeted as “evidence” of the right way to play the game. This play from the 1970 All-Star Game, in which Pete Rose separates the shoulder of catcher Ray Fosse while scoring the game’s deciding run – and not hit No. 4192 — has been long celebrated as the defining (on-field) moment in Charlie Hustle’s career.

I suspect that no rule changes or clarifications will result from last night’s scary episode.

EDIT: The injury is indeed serious.

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