Zimmerman Watch

by John J. Miller

Last night, I went to the Potomac Nationals game — they’re the single-A affiliate of the Washington Nationals and their ballpark is a couple of miles from my house. It was Dollar Night — dollar tickets, dollar hot dogs — and there’s always a good chance that a cheapskate like me will show up for it. Anyway, we had a pleasant surprise: Ryan Zimmerman of the Washington Nationals was there on rehab. He looked like a major leaguer, smacking the first pitch he saw to the left-field wall for a double. On the night, he went two-for-three. At third base, he let a rocket of a grounder get past him. He probably should have had it, but the generous scorekeeper gave the hitter a single rather than Zimmerman an error. He left the game after about seven innings.

Before the game started, Zimmerman signed a ton of autographs. Every kid that wanted one probably got one. Both of my boys did. He’s a class act.

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