Geren Gone

by Jason Epstein

Via Craig Calcaterra, the last-place A’s announced earlier today the firing of manager Bob Geren.

As Calcaterra explains:

The A’s have lost nine in a row and absolutely nothing has gone right for them. They depended on the offense improving and it hasn’t. They depended on the pitching carrying them like last year and there have been injuries preventing that.  And the whole reason for hiring a guy like Geren in the first place — even keel, do the front office’s bidding, etc. — was called into question a few weeks ago when Geren got into a public dispute with reliever Brian Fuentes.  If a middle manager can’t keep the peace, what’s the point of having a middle manager?  Given his famous friendship with [general manager] Billy Beane, one wonders if he simply lost the A’s clubhouse entirely.

Former Diamondbacks skipper Bob Melvin is taking over on an interim basis.

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