Dumbest -- and Luckiest -- Fan at the All-Star Home Run Derby

by Greg Pollowitz

After last week’s horror in Arlington, Texas, you’d think that maybe fans would be a little more careful trying to catch home run and fouls balls hit into the stands. Think again:

Oh, and read the last line first:

PHOENIX – It was a close call Monday night during Major League Baseball’s Home Run Derby at Chase Field in downtown Phoenix.

Phoenix nearly had a repeat of last week’s tragic fall at a Texas Rangers game.

A fan lost his footing trying to catch a ball, but luckily, he was saved — just in time.

Keith Carmickle was looking to add another home run ball to his collection. He had his shoes off and was ready to catch a ball.

He and his brother and a friend had already caught three balls at the Home Run Derby.

When Milwaukee Brewers’ Prince Fielder hit one out into right field, he saw his chance. Carmickle climbed up onto a metal table about 18 inches wide and reached out for a catch.

He missed the ball. It ended up hitting the wall a few feet below him.

When he went to reach for the ball, his momentum pushed him forward, and he went headfirst over the railing.

He was heading for a hard fall, but his friend grabbed his legs, and his brother grabbed him around the arms.

With the help of a few fans, they were able to pull him back to his seat, allowing him to escape a fall of about 20 feet.

During the entire ordeal, Carmickle never dropped his beer.


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