Welching on a Bet, the Illinois Way

by Christian Schneider

We cheeseheads don’t expect much of Bears fans. We say: Take your two Packer losses a year like men, wear your ugly Ditka sweaters, and reminisce about the Cade McNown era all you want. We don’t even mind that you still think the mustache/sunglasses look can be enjoyed unironically. But when your governor welches on a bet, the gloves come off.

Illinois governor Pat Quinn pulled a move reminiscent of Jay Cutler and decided to quit on his bet with Wisconsin governor Scott Walker on the NFC Championship game last year:

Gov. Scott Walker delivered Wisconsin foods to a Kenosha food pantry Monday morning, but noticeably absent was the man who was supposed to be there with him, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn.

Walker bet on the Packers last winter in their National Football Conference championship game, while Quinn backed their opponents, the Chicago Bears, in the friendly wager.

Because Walker won, Quinn had been supposed to work in a Wisconsin food pantry while wearing a Packers jersey. But after the controversy surrounding Walker’s legislation ending collective bargaining, Quinn hasn’t made a move to head north across the border.

So Walker himself delivered foods from Wisconsin Monday, which included brats, cherry pies, cranberries and honey. He tweeted news about the delivery this morning and Walker spokesman Cullen Werwie confirmed the delivery.

Oh, and by the way: When Cutler inevitably misses half the season with a chronic case of halitosis, does Quinn get to sell his starting job to the highest bidder?

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