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More NFL Moves: Vince Young; Greg Olsen; Jonathan Joseph


ESPN’s Adam Schefter was talking about the possibility of Vince Young signing with Philly yesterday afternoon, after the deal sending Kevin Kolb to Arizona was announced, so Young’s becoming the newest Eagle is not a shocker. Neither was Young’s outright release by the Tennessee Titans.

And it does make some sense for Young to understudy Michael Vick. Like a younger Vick, Young tries to make too many plays with his legs, and his delivery is subpar. Actually, Young’s sidearm, upturned-palm delivery is worse than Vick’s ever was — PFT’s Mike Florio has been calling VY “Uncle Rico” for years, because of the similarity between his throwing motion and this one — so Andy Reid will have his work cut out for him on that score. Most important, though, Michael Vick knows what it’s like to have to live with the consequences of poor decisions: Here’s to hoping he can help Vince Young grow up. 

The Carolina Panthers sending a third-round pick to the Bears for perennially underused TE Greg Olsen is a bit of a shock, though. Not that the Bears would make the deal: Despite the fantasy-football buzz this offseason that this would finally be the year that Olsen breaks out, that Mike Martz finally starts to scheme for the TE position . . . well, how many times have we heard that before? The surprising part is that the Panthers would add a third TE to their roster this offseason, with Olsen joining journeyman blocking-TE Ben Hartsock and former Saint and Giant Jeremy Shockey. Apparently, Carolina is planning a lot of short-route passing plays for rookie QB Cam Newton. (As expected, Carolina has also extended the contract of LB Jon Beason.)

The Houston Texans must have concluded that they would not be able to sign CB Nnamdi Asomugha (who reportedly, uh, wants to play in a city where he can work on his acting career, to the delight of all the NROnik Jets fans) and instead have signed the second-best option from among the free-agent CBs, Jonathan Joseph, to a five-year deal worth $48.75 million, with $23.5 million guaranteed. So another Bengal escapes the Cinci zoo. 

Chad Johnson Ochocinco being traded to the Patriots on a restructured three-year deal is among the more interesting of this offseason’s transactions. Chad’s lost a step, no doubt, but he’s still quick and has excellent hands. And with the prospect of Nnamdi Asomugha signing with the Jets, the Pats needed a legit third receiver to join Deion Branch and Wes Welker, one who can stretch the field (better than Brandon Tate ever has). Chad won’t be as good as Randy Moss was in 2009 — nor as bad as Moss was in 2010 — but the combination of Ochocinco and Branch on the outside should restore the statistical fortunes of slot-man extraordinaire Welker. Giving up (reportedly) a 2012 fifth-rounder and a 2013 sixth for that is a no-brainer, particularly given how adept Bill Belichick has proven to be at stockpiling draft picks. Now the only question is: How much will it cost the famously frugal Ochocinco to get the No. 85 jersey from TE Aaron Hernandez? Or will he change his name again? Ochenteocho, anyone?

Speaking of Nnamdi Asomugha: The Jets are busily clearing cap space, cutting backup QB Mark Brunell, CB Will Billingsley, and G Marlon Davis, but they will probably need to lift the franchise tag from LB David Harris and give him a long-term deal to really pull off the signing of this offseason’s most prized free-agent – pace this earlier report. The Cowboys may be bidding up the cost of Asomugha’s services, if the whispers Adam Schefter is hearing are true — and the Jets will need some other warm bodies in camp when all this cap clearing is done, after all.

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