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Re: Brett Favre to the Dolphins?


Reggie Bush plus a three-quarter-strength Brett Favre is better than “most NFL Teams”? Hmmm.

Rather than go through all 31 other teams, let’s just look at the ones with sketchy QB situations.

DEN: Orton, who the Fish would prefer to have over Favre, if the price were right, so > MIA.

JAC: Aging Garrard, but handing off to MJD > MIA.

MIN: Diminished McNabb, but plus Purple Jesus >> MIA.

TEN: Diminished Hasselbeck, but plus (holdout) CJ2K > MIA.

SF: Smith, but plus (holdout) Frank Gore > MIA.

OAK: Campbell, probably better than diminished Favre, but add in McFadden, and its > MIA.

BUF: Fitzpatrick, plus Jackson/Spiller, let’s be generous and say = MIA.

WAS: Grossman/Beck/Clemens, plus Torain/Williams — Greg, I think we have a winnah < MIA.

So might I suggest a small edit, Greg: replace “most” with “a couple.”

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