Sepp Blatter to Step Down?

by Nigel Assam

ESPN reports that FIFA president Sepp Blatter may not serve out the third full four-year term he was just elected to. Blatter may step down after two years. Michel Platini — UEFA president and former French international whose club career also saw him win quite a few honors — would step in. It is believed that Platini was already being groomed to be the next president of FIFA if Blatter had served his full term. So far, it’s just talk and a “clandestine deal.” 

Under Blatter, FIFA has been tainted with allegations of corruption — most recently in the presidential ‘elections’ when his challenger, Bin Hammam, was accused of bribing officials, and was suspended, eventually banned for life, and Blatter was ‘elected’ unopposed. But Blatter himself has also been accused of unethical conduct and for not cleaning up FIFA.

It’ll be good to see him go.

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