A Few More Quick Thoughts From Last Night

by Jason Epstein

Aren’t you Yankee fans really, really sorry for ever doubting A. J. Burnett?

Why did Tony LaRussa intentionally walk Carlos Ruiz when it should have been obvious that someone would be pinch-hitting for Cole Hamels?

Jon Heyman Tweeted this missive in the ninth inning with the Cards after Yadier Molina singled to make the run. Never mind Heyman’s view on the existence of “clutch hitting”: If Molina were so clutch, how come he did not hit a home run to tie the score? (The next batter grounded into a double play out to end the game.)

How amazing was Adrian Beltre’s three solo home-run performance in the series-clinching 4-3 win? (EDIT: And how awesome was this tumble?)

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