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Rating Granderson’s Defense, Nova’s ‘Super Slider’


In the wake of Curtis Granderson’s acrobatic catches in Tuesday night’s victory over the Tigers, Baseball Nation contributor Marc Normandin addresses the oft-repeated question: how good (or bad) is the Yankees center fielder’s defense? While Normandin’s piece is a very informative read (this Mark Simon column from early September is a good one too), one sentence screams for attention:

Ken Rosenthal reports that the Yankees’ internal defensive system rates Granderson as above-average, something that systems like UZR and FRAA occasionally spit out as well.

Sure enough, Kevin Goldstein of ESPN and Baseball Prospectus responds:

Here’s the thing, if the Yankees internal metrics had Granderson or Jeter or anyone as a poor fielder, why the hell would they tell YOU?

Meanwhile, Baseball Analysts, the folks who trot out those really cool heat maps, chart Ivan Nova’s slider, which since June has been used with increasing frequency as his out pitch.

Nova and his slider face off against Doug Fister in the Bronx at 8:00 p.m. on TBS.

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