An Early Exit From the Big East for WVU, Pitt, and Syracuse?

by Corey Dean Hall

Dave Teel at the Hampton Roads Daily Press thinks drawing out conference realignment is a loser:

West Virginia wants to bolt the Big East for the Big 12 next year. Big East bylaws require 27 months notice.The Mountaineers, according to’s Brett McMurphy, are suing for their freedom. Big East commissioner John Marinatto says “a contract is a contract.” Big East staples Syracuse and Pittsburgh are publicly silent but also hope to skirt the 27-month rule as they move to the ACC.

Stalemate? Posturing? Can’t we all just get along? Welcome to the food fight of conference realignment, where no one escapes unstained. The Big East is torqued at West Virginia, Syracuse and Pitt, and depending on what was said behind closed doors, that anger may be absolutely justified. Moreover, the three defections have prompted a reconfiguration of the league that can only be described as tortured. Boise State and Air Force? Houston and SMU? Somewhere Elbridge Gerry (look it up, kids) smiles.
Saving the best for last:
“To put it simply, a contract is a contract,” Marinatto said in his statement. So is marriage. But if your spouse dumps you for another dude and files for divorce, do you still want to cohabitate?       

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