Reactions to the AL MVP Vote

by Jason Epstein

Congratulations, Justin Verlander, the American League’s Most Valuable Player, and the first pitcher to win the hardware since Dennis Eckersley in 1992.

The vote breakdown may be found on the Baseball Writers Association of America web site.

Via Twitter here is a smattering of instant reactions to the results:

Jayson Stark, ESPN: “Before Verlander, you know how many starting pitchers had gotten a 1st-place MVP vote in the 2000s? Exactly one (Johan in ‘06). That’s crazy”

Buster Olney, ESPN: “Jacoby Ellsbury was 10th on one ballot. Michael young was first on one ballot and left off five ballots altogether.”

Craig Calcaterra, NBC HardballTalk: “To people lamenting that this year’s MVP vote halted recent progress in awards voting: True, but it greatly advanced the cause of lols”

Alex Speier, WEEI Boston: “Pedro’s ‘99 (2.07 ERA, 243 ERA+) and ‘00 (1.74 ERA, 291 ERA+ ) in era of inflatable slugger were beyond dominant. Just amazing. #livinginthepast”

Moshe Mandel, River Avenue Blues: “So no one votes for pitchers in a decade, then they all vote for one in a great but hardly historic season. We’ve all been Morosi’d”

Colin Wyers, Baseball Prospectus: “The guy who voted for Young put Bautista seventh on his ballot. Shocking.”

Jason Collette, DRaysBay: “I may not agree with the ballots but I applaud those voters willing to publish their ballot. Standing ovation to those that explain them”

Logan Morrison, Florida Marlins: “Probably a safe bet that @JustinVerlander will receive more NL MVP votes than me tomorrow…”

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