Reactions to the NL MVP Vote

by Jason Epstein

Congratulations, Ryan Braun, the National League’s Most Valuable Player for 2011. Matt Kemp finished a close second.

The vote breakdown may be found on the Baseball Writers Association of America web site.

Via Twitter here is a smattering of instant reactions to the results:

Jon Heyman, Sports Illustrated: “I voted braun mvp on my ballot. He had spectacular year, and I factor in impact on races. a lot of big hits there.”

Chris Barron, political consultant: “NL Central home of World Series Champs, MVPs and the #Pirates. No I ain’t bitter at all.”

Dan Szymborski, Baseball Think Factory: “I think Kemp was easily better and more valuable, but giving the 2nd-best player the MVP isn’t Dawson-esque.”

Ted Berg, SNY: “So who do you guys think is handsomer between Kemp and Braun?”

Berg: @LorInBigD Yeah Kemp is objectively a much better looking dude. Seems way less likely to be decked out in Ed Hardy, too.”

Jay Jaffe, Baseball Prospectus: “i’m bummed about Kemp not winning MVP, but that pales in comparison to my seething anger over the new CBA”

Colin Wyers, Baseball Prospectus: “So I guess I’m supposed to get outraged about the first-place vote for Upton. The eight third-place votes bother me a lot more, really.”

Bill Baer, Crashburn Alley: “tell me I’m reading the table wrong did Ryan Howard finish only 13 points behind Roy Halladay”

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