Bobby V. to Boston

by Jason Epstein

Bob Nightengale has the details on the Red Sox’ hiring of ESPN analyst Bobby Valentine as the club’s 45th manager.

Bobby Valentine accepted the Boston Red Sox’s offer Tuesday to become their next manager, according to Tommy Lasorda, special assistant to Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt.

“I’m glad he accepted the job,” Lasorda told USA TODAY. “He’s good for baseball and he”ll get them right back where they should be. Let me put it this way: They won’t be drinking beer and eating chicken in clubhouse again, I guarantee you that.”

Valentine telephoned Lasorda to inform him he accepted the job. Valentine was in Japan on a charity event where he managed for seven years. The Red Sox have declined comment, but Red Sox GM Ben Cherington said Monday that he hoped to have a manager by Friday.

Interestingly, Terry Francona, who had been Boston’s skipper through the end of the 2011 season, is expected to replace Valentine at ESPN.

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