Man U Makes Her Sick

by Nigel Assam

Who knew watching soccer can make you ill? At least that’s the case with a woman in England who was made sick when watching certain matches involving Manchester United, the team she supports. However, it was not all matches that had a negative effect on her, only those which were close and intense. 

Close matches that involved serious competition from serious rivals such as Chelsea and Manchester City stressed her out and triggered symptoms in her Addison’s disease, which is caused “by problems with the adrenal gland, which can interrupt the supply of hormones such as cortisol, normally released when the body is under stress.” When games involved lesser competition, she was fine, though.

Doctors in Trafford General Hospital wrote in the British Medical Journal “that our patient was having difficulty mounting an appropriate physiological cortisol response during the big games – we present this as the first description of Manchester United-induced Addisonian crisis.”

One wonders what she was doing during the recent Manchester derby when Manchester City thrashed Manchester United 6-1 at Old Trafford. 

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