If You Think the NYC Marathon Is Too Easy

by Corey Dean Hall

Perhaps you were among the 800 crazy folks in south Jersey this weekend competing to be the “World’s Toughest Mudder“:

Take a second and think back to how you spent Saturday night into Sunday morning. Warm and toasty in your feet pajamas after sipping late-night cocoa with mini-marshmallows from your “World’s Best Mom” (or Dad) mug? Nuzzled, while you slept, by a down comforter, your head resting on a pillow softer than a Michael Buble ballad?

Well, here’s how hundreds of weekend warriors from all over the country spent it: sopping wet and shivering uncontrollably in a medical tent at Raceway Park in Englishtown, wrapped in a sheet of mylar that couldn’t keep a Yankee Stadium hot dog warm, covered in mud and blood, their teeth chattering “What the hell was I thinking?” in Morse Code.

In the World’s Toughest Mudder competitions — the rage in extreme fitness competitions — athletes navigate an obstacle course laid out over 10 miles and designed to turn tough guys (and women) into shattered egos left hugging their cross-training sneakers in the fetal position, waiting for an ambulance.

Or their mommy.

And if a 24-hour race isn’t enough to get the blood pumping, there’s always next year’s race. It will be 48 hours.

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