Problems for Miami Radio Sportscaster Sid Rosenberg

by Greg Pollowitz

What a moron:

WQAM-AM 560 shock jock Sid Rosenberg’s in the dog house!

Rosenberg, who landed in South Florida after getting fired twice from the Don Imus show for making insensitive racial and sexist remarks, is serving a six-week suspension without pay.

He allegedly attempted what radio biz folks call “plugola,” three sources tell Gossip Extra. Plugola, which is illegal and a Federal Communications Commission violation that could cost a station its license, is when a talk-show host is paid without the station’s approval to promote a product on the air.

“The good thing is that we caught it before he did any damage,” said a station official who asked to remain anonymous. “Sid made an agreement to plug a sport-betting website he owed money to. My understanding is that he had $100,000-plus in losses with the site.“He received a fax at the station spelling out their private agreement, and Sid forgot it in the fax machine. Someone found it and brought it to our attention.”Rosenberg, 44, is due back in the studio Jan. 2.

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