BountyGate: Who Snitched to the NFL?

by Greg Pollowitz

Warren Sapp, while talking about the penalties on the NFL Network, blamed Jeremy Shockey and called him a “snitch.” Shockey denies:

Sapp first said on Twitter, and then repeated on NFL Network, that he had been told that Shockey was the person who blew the whistle on Gregg Williams’ bounty program. When we first mentioned the issue we didn’t include Shockey’s name because it seemed unfair to Shockey to name him based on what appeared to be a flimsy accusation from Sapp. But now Shockey has decided he wants to counter Sapp’s accusation publicly.

On Twitter today, Shockey posted what appeared to be text messages between himself and Saints coach Sean Payton, including one from Payton that said, “I know you had nothing to do with that.”

Shockey also told Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports that Sapp’s accusation was false and totally inexcusable.

It’s reckless, it’s careless, it’s hurtful to me and the great time I had with the Saints,” Shockey said. “Sean Payton is a father figure to me. I would never do that to him or to the Saints.”

Over to you, Warren.

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