LSU QB Morris Claiborne Reportedly Gets a 4 on His Wonderlic IQ Test

by Greg Pollowitz

Pro Football Talk reports:

ESPN has confirmed our report that LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne scored a four (yes, four) on the 50-question Wonderlic test.

Adam Schefter of ESPN also has gotten a quote from Claiborne’s agent, Bus Cook.

“I haven’t heard a word about it,” Cook said of the score.  “I haven’t talked to anybody about it.  All I know is that [Claiborne] was from a complicated defensive system and he flourished in it.  I’ve never seen any sort of deficiency in him.  I’m sitting here in shock at what you’re telling me. “And if it is true, how does that get out?  I thought the Commissioner was going to put safeguards on this information and there would be severe discipline if it ever did get out.  I don’t know if he scored a 4 or a 40.  All I know is he’s a great kid, he’s smart, and I’ve been thoroughly impressed with everything about him.” The truth is that Cook shouldn’t be in shock.  With ample samples of the Wonderlic available, Cook and every agent worth his or her commission should know before the kid takes the test the neighborhood in which his score is expected to land.

Cook is right: this information should never get out. And I find Pro Football Talk’s justification that Cook should have prepared Claiborne before the test unseemly.

Mel Kiper doesn’t think the score will hurt Claiborne’s draft status,which probably means soon-to-be millionaire Claiborne will be a lot richer than whomever leaked the score. 

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