Ozzie: On Further Review, Castro Is a Jerk

by Fred Schwarz

Ozzie Guillen, manager of the Marlins, told Time a few days ago, “I love Fidel Castro.” Yesterday he issued a clarification: “I’m against everything 100 percent — I repeat it again — the way this man (been) treating people for the last 60 years.” No reason was given for Guillen’s restatement, but it may have been due to any of the following:

—he remembered that the team he manages plays in Miami

—his judgment was impaired because of his postgame routine: “I go to the hotel bar, get drunk, sleep. I don’t do anything else.

—“love,” “hate” — so easy to mix those two words up

—he confused Castro with Hugo Chávez, president of his native Venezuela, whom he has admired ever since appearing on Chávez’s radio show in 2005 . . . oh, wait, now he hates Chávez too.

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