Move Over Touré; Piers Morgan Targets Manchester City’s Nasri

by Jason Epstein

Why is Piers Morgan’s name supposedly trending throughout the UK Twitterverse?

The CNN host, a diehard Arsenal fan, has been gloating over yesterday’s 1-0 home victory over Manchester City, which pretty much dashed the latter’s dreams of an English Premier League title. (Manchester United has an eight-point lead with only six matches remaining.) Morgan subsequently got into a back-and-forth on Twitter with City midfielder Samir Nasri, who had played for the Gunners for three years but bolted to City after last season, opining over the summer that his new club was better poised to capture future EPL championships.

Here is one of the exchanges:

Referring to Nasri’s claims, Morgan wrote: ‘Remember this @SamNasri19? Just wondered how that trophy cabinet’s coming along?’

Nasri responded: ‘@piersmorgan I’m aware what I said about titles I’m sure I will lift a trophy with Man City before AFC.’

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