LeBron James Upsets Liverpool Fans with New Shoes

by Nigel Assam

LeBron James, a minority stakeholder in Liverpool F.C. through his deal with Fenway Sports Group, the sole marketer of his rights throughout the world and the parent company of the English soccer club, has run afoul of the team’s supporters. In an apparent attempt to probably endear himself to them with the new “LeBron 9 Low Liverpool Edition,” set to be released on May 5, he has instead received their ire.

Besides a very bad version of the Liver bird on the rear of the shoe, what the design has gotten incorrect can be missed, since it is on the shoes’ soles — the 18 championship trophies the club have won. The error? They are designed in the image of the Premier League trophy. Although Liverpool have won 18 domestic league trophies, none of them have been in the past 20 years, since the Premier League was established in 1992. One respondent replied, “This has been a PR disaster.” While another complained, “18 premiership titles on the sole? What a joke, surely he knows we have never won a prem title yet? What a joke.”

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