NBA Playoff Thoughts

by Nathaniel Botwinick

A few remarks on the NBA Playoffs:

1) The Miami Heat are making my prediction of the Knicks winning the series in seven games look incredibly foolish. Now that Amare Stoudemire will probably not play in the next game after injuring his hand by foolishly punching a glass fire extinguisher case, I’m just hoping the Knicks don’t get swept. Still, could somebody please tell Lebron to stop flopping? If he wants to be respected as one of the best players in the game, he has to stop these antics:

2) Chris Paul not only is one of the best clutch performers in the NBA, but he is also a fashion expert:
3) Remind me again why anyone would want to trade Andrew Bynum for Dwight Howard? Bynum’s improved offensive game is superior to Howard’s, and judging by his defensive performance against the Nuggets in game one, what’s the upside to getting Dwight Howard?

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