Phillies Fans in D.C.: “We are the 99%!”

by Jason Epstein

Last night, Cole Hamels and the Phillies were able to salvage an otherwise disappointing weekend on South Capitol Street. (Oh, good luck with that upcoming suspension, Cole.)

Never mind who currently occupies first place and who sits in last; Philly fans were swarming all over Washington on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, many clad in the City of Brotherly Love’s latest fashion trend:

No word on how many of our out-of-town brothers and sisters eschewed the bevy of Marriotts to camp out under the stars in McPherson Square.

By the way, all of you who predicted that both the Nationals (18–10) and Orioles (19–9) would be chilling at the top of the standings in early May, please come forward.

I tell you, the Mayans are definitely onto something.

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