Reveille 5/29/12

by Jason Epstein

Good morning!

Here are several go-to links to make your Monday Tuesday a bit more bearable:

Relationships between pitchers and their arms are unique — extremely, even excessively, focused partnerships full of fear and pain and trust and hope. The relationship starts early and can end badly. Anytime. Mike Pelfrey of the Mets is off for Tommy John elbow surgery. Michael Pineda had his shoulder repaired. Johan Santana is coming back from surgery. Medicine has made advances. Miracles happen. Still, ruin is always one pitch away, especially if you are already making those pitches in pain.

Once I started pitching, I’m not sure my left arm ever didn’t hurt. For more than three decades, whether in Little League or the minor leagues or Fenway Park in Boston, there was pain. Sharp or dull, in the elbow or at the shoulder. Throwing fastballs as a kid or junk as a lefty trying to stay in the big leagues, it all led to pain. It would be dulled by aspirin or beer or more powerful cocktails of medicine and booze. But it would never leave. . . .

After finishing the season in AAA, I went home and worked for my dad at his upholstery shop, and we played catch every other day. I decided to help my left arm by building up the strength in my legs. Dad’s advice again. In truth, if he knew how bad my arm hurt, he might have advised me to finally take up my second career option: forest ranger. I’m serious.

  • Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports reports that Roy Oswalt’s high asking price appears to be what is preventing teams from signing him to a prorated contract.
  • How much longer will the Rockies permit Jamie Moyer, 49, to take the mound every fifth game? The Denver Post’s Troy E. Renck believes that what had been a feel-good story “has given way to the coldblooded reality that keeping him in the rotation doesn’t make a lot of sense anymore.”
  • Congrats to Adam Jones and Miguel Montero, beneficiaries of long-term deals worth $85 million over six years and $60 million over five years, respectively. Dave Cameron and Eric Seidman of Fangraphs offer their takes on the transactions.

  • Dash Treyhorn of NBC Philadelphia looks at the Phillies’ options sans Roy Halladay, who exited Sunday’s game with a sore shoulder and will be examined today.

That’s it. Have a walk-off week!

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