Michael Vick Thinks Critics Are Taking ‘Personal Shots’

by Greg Pollowitz

Pro Football Talk:

Much has been said and written and contemplated (and ignored) about the ongoing development of quarterback Mike Vick.  After a surprisingly strong performance in 2010, Vick regressed last season, with injuries and turnovers and bad decisions, at times.

Vick hears the criticism, and on Friday he responded to it.

He specifically seems to be perturbed by the notion that he gets injured by holding the ball for too long.  “[A]t some point I probably feel like it’s personal shots being directed towards me for holding the ball too long and certain things when that’s not the case,” Vick said, via Steve Patton of the Reading Eagle.

Still, he’s content to shoulder the criticism.

“I accept the responsibility for everything,” Vick said.  “I feel like my sole responsibility is this team. We’re going to go as I go.  If I’m not on the field, then I’m not helping this team in any shape, form or fashion.

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