Paging Greg Pollowitz (and the Rest of South Florida)

by Jason Epstein

The Marlins may be near the top of the NL East, but not all that many Miami-area residents are taking note or care to commute to the brand-new ballpark in Little Havana.

Aaron Gleeman of Hardball Talk points out:

Through 29 home games the Marlins have averaged 28,019 fans at their new $515 million ballpark. That represents a solid 47 percent increase compared to last season, but the Marlins still rank just 16th among MLB teams in average attendance, behind sub-.500 teams like the Rockies, Twins, Tigers, and Cubs and even trailing the rival Braves whose fans are often maligned for not showing up in droves.

To be sure, the home numbers will get a nice boost when the Red Sox and their fans invade Miami for a three-game series starting on Monday.

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