Euro Cup Update

by John Wynne

The group stage of the 2012 Euro Cup finished yesterday with England advancing after a 1-0 victory over co-host Ukraine and France moving on despite a 2-0 loss to Sweden. Starting tomorrow, the remaining eight teams, which also includes Germany, defending champion Spain, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Italy, and Greece, will play in a single elimination bracket to decide the European Champion. Interestingly, from a non-sports perspective, the second quarterfinal game pits Germany against Greece, in what will no doubt be billed as a battle over austerity. Look for the Germans to emerge on top again. The full quarterfinal match schedule is:

  • Czech Republic vs. Portugal on Thursday, 2:45pm EST
  • Germany  vs. Greece on Friday, 2:45pm EST
  • Spain vs. France on Saturday, 2:45pm EST
  • England vs. Portugal on Sunday, 2:45pm EST

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