The End of the ‘Dream Team’ in Olympic Basketball?

by Greg Pollowitz

Could be, and I applaud the move, if it happens. Los Angeles Times:

It was a peculiar time for David Stern to open such a dialogue, but the time and place signified his seriousness.

This might be it for the Dream Team concept in the Olympics.

The NBA Finals were 45 minutes from tip-off last month when the league commissioner said it himself — cognizant that NBA owners fretted every four years about players being injured with the extra month of activity . . . that the players themselves began to question whether they should be paid to play for Team USA . . . and, finally, that the NBA wasn’t making an abundance of money by lending its assets to the national cause of thumping (take your pick) Angola, Tunisia, etc.

 In other words, enjoy the London Olympics. Who knows if such a collection of basketball players will ever suit up for the Games again?

 “I think we got a lot out of the Olympics,” Stern said ominously last month. “We helped grow the game. The result has been extraordinary. But I think it’s appropriate to step back and take stock of where we’re going.”

Then he did something completely wild. He sided with longtime sparring partner Mark Cuban, a sign that a basketball apocalypse was beginning . . . and NBA participation in the Olympics could be ending. Cuban, after all, had said the league’s quadrennial gift to the Olympics was “the biggest mistake the NBA makes.”

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