‘Golf Is Designed to Price Black People Out’

by Corey Dean Hall

Let the comments commence:  

In discussing the $40,000 a year Eric Jackson says his daughters’ golf career costs, including the $1000 he recently spent on a club for one of his daughters (is there a $1000 club in golf, or a $1000 junior set?), he says…

In the winter months, they use an $11,000 golf simulator in the basement that the girls are rapidly outgrowing. Between practice, tournament fees, traveling, lodging, coaching and equipment, the family spends about $40,000 a year for the girls to compete.

“This is an expensive sport, and the better you get, the more expensive it becomes. The last club I bought Erica cost $1,000,” Eric said. “I believe golf is designed to price black people out, and if these girls don’t get the financial backing they need, it could be the end of them competing.”

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but oftentimes golf prices just about everyone out. Especially at the prices quoted in this story.

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