Penn State Alum Compares NCAA Sanctions to 9/11

by Corey Dean Hall

Suggestion. If you’re a Penn State alum or fan, and feel the need to defend the football program or any of those involved in this sordid affair, you should probably take a vacation. Lest you end up sounding like this fellow:

After hearing Tom Price of Factoryville, Pa., express his feelings about the sanctions levied against Penn State by the NCAA, there seems little doubt that we need a version of Godwin’s Law that pertains to references to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Asked by a WNEP reporter how he felt watching NCAA President Mark Emmert reveal the sanctions against the Penn State football program for its role in the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal, Price delivered an answer that even made some of his fellow alumni cringe.

“I just can’t put my arms around it, it’s, to me, it was our 9/11 today. I just saw planes crashing into towers,” said Price, who told WNEP that he has gone to almost every home PSU football game, with his wife, since 1986.

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