Brits Admit Ticket Mess in London; Mitt Vindicated?

by Greg Pollowitz


Prime Minister David Cameron says he shares British frustration at seeing empty seats in London Olympics venues but he believes organizers will soon improve the situation.

The empty-seats problem has lingered beyond the first weekend of competition, taking some shine off Friday’s opening ceremony, which was hailed with lavish praise from most British. Locals have been outraged at the television images of empty stands, since many had spent months trying — and failing — to buy Olympic tickets online.

“We can do better,” Cameron acknowledged Monday, after games organizers explained their range of tactics to fill the gaps with ordinary sports fans.

Organizers needed to “make sure more people get to see more games and also that there are fewer empty seats,” Cameron told broadcaster ITV in an interview.

Speaking after a meeting of his government’s Olympics panel, Cameron expressed confidence that the London organizing committee was “on track” to meet his challenge. Military personnel, local students and teachers have all been offered Olympic tickets to get more fans immediately into the arenas.

And this from the Telegraph:

A fresh ticketing row has enveloped London 2012 Olympic organisers as angry parents of athletes are turned away at Games venues.

This is all well and good, but how about an apology to Mitt Romney next? Sorry Dems: Mitt was correct in his criticism of London.

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