For a Free Andrew Luck jersey, Wear Steelers Gear to a Colts Practice

by Corey Dean Hall

From Yahoo! sports:

Chuck Pagano, the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, used to be a Baltimore Raven. The same is true of Colts safety Tom Zbikowski. As ex-Ravens, they’ve both been through their share of wars with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Neither is ready to let go.

Their Steeler hatred still burns so intensely, in fact, that they won’t tolerate the sight of a Steelers jersey at a Colts practice. A 24-year-old Steelers fan found this out on Monday when Pagano approached him personally and made him take off his Steelers jersey. From the AP:

’’He (Zbikowski) saw it and said, `Look Coach we got to do something about that,’'’ Pagano said. ‘’I went over there. He’s a huge (Bruce) Arians fan, obviously, and Mewelde Moore [ed. note: Arians and Moore are former Steelers]. So with a little bit of coaching and a brand new Andrew Luck jersey, I said, `Look, you’ve got to put this jersey on. If you do it, you get to stay, if not we’ve got to escort you out of here.’'’

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