Sotomayor Sits in Bleachers for Photo-Op; Then Moves to Better Seats

by Greg Pollowitz

A wise Latina for moving seats at Yankee Stadium or a hypocritical Latina? You make the call:

NEW YORK – Sonia Sotomayor traded benches for a day, joining the New York Yankees’ Bleacher Creatures.

The Supreme Court justice and Bronx native attended the Yankees’ game against Baltimore on Wednesday and sat in Section 203 of the right-field stands for the first-inning “Roll Call” of New York’s starting lineup.

Usually seen on the Supreme Court bench next to Stephen Breyer, she sat next to “Bald Vinny” Milano in a section where tickets cost $20 and $23.

“The first thing I said to her was, ‘I’m probably going to be the loudest guy you meet today, but I’m absolutely speechless,’” Milano said. “I don’t think she knew before she got here what she was in for.”

The Yankees said Sotomayor moved to better seats after Roll Call.

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