Were the Super Friends the Inspiration for Team USA?

by Neil Minkoff

Watching the USA Olympic basketball team has been an exercise in dejà vu. There’s something so familiar about how this group operates. My son thought I was reminded of the original ’92 Dream Team.

But today I realized what this team reminds me of: the Super Friends. I grew up watching them in the Seventies and Eighties.

Kobe is the Batman of this team: He’s now the mature one. He picks his spots and relies as much on basketball IQ as on his remarkable physical shape. Like Batman, he’s been injured a few times, so he has to be careful.

LeBron is basketball’s Superman right now. There is nothing on the court that seems unattainable for him. He’s playing all five positions, hitting threes, playing great defense, and mastering both ends of the alley-oop.

The only question left is: Which Olympic country is preparing a basketball Legion of Doom?

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