Lawyers for Former Penn State President to Answer Freeh Report

by Corey Dean Hall

I predict this will not end well for Mr. Spanier:

Attorneys for Penn State’s ousted president are planning a news conference to rebut what they view as inaccuracies in a report that concluded he concealed child sex-abuse allegations against a former assistant football coach more than a decade ago.

One of [former Penn State president] Graham Spanier’s lawyers, Peter Vaira, told The Associated Press on Tuesday there are ”many, many errors” in the report by former FBI Director Louis Freeh, and the legal team will meet with reporters in Philadelphia early next week to point them out.

Freeh was hired by Penn State’s board of trustees to investigate the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

His July 12 report asserted that Spanier, football coach Joe Paterno and two other university officials buried a 2001 allegation against Sandusky to protect Penn State from bad publicity.

The NCAA used the report as the basis for leveling severe penalties against Penn State, including a $60 million fine, a multi-year bowl ban and a reduction in athletic scholarships.

Spanier was ousted as school president soon after Sandusky’s arrest. He has not been charged with a crime and remains a tenured faculty member at Penn State. He is on sabbatical until December.

He’s still employed by the university? I can only imagine this is because the board of trustees is scared of a wrongful-termination suit.

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