Leo (Mazzone) the Lip!

by Jason Epstein

Thank heavens for the Subway Fresh-Take Hotline!

Legendary pitching coach Leo Mazzone was on Mike and Mike this morning and he was en fuego when asked about two current MLB flashpoints.

On the Bobby Valentine situation in Boston:

Then I go to Baltimore and I find out why they’re losing. The chain of command was always broken, where players got to voice their displeasure at the front office, which took away power from the manager. . . . Basically, what it was was a bunch of players finding excuses for losing.

On the upcoming Stephen Strasburg shutdown in Washington:

I think it’s absolutely pathetic, to be honest with you. . . . If I’m Strasburg, here’s what I’m saying. I’m saying, “You take the ball away from me and I’ll save my arm for some other team to pitch for.”

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