Postseason Predictions from the Acela Quiet Car

by Jason Epstein

You go, Cinderella!

Orioles over Rangers.
A’s over Tigers.
Orioles over Yankees.
A’s over Orioles.

Cardinals over Braves.
Giants over Reds.
Nationals over Cardinals.
Nationals over Giants.

And the winner of the 2012 World Series?

The Oakland A’s in six games.

Josh Reddick will earn MVP honors. In the clincher, Derek Norris, one of the players acquired in the Gio Gonzalez trade, will break a scoreless tie in the seventh inning with a go-ahead home run off of the Cy Young Award candidate.

If these predictions come true, kindly remember me when you fill out your will.

If not, recall that the postseason is, in the words of a certain general manager, merely “a crapshoot.”

EDIT: In case you were wondering, the Acela’s WiFi worked like a charm the entire time I was on board. (That doesn’t seem to happen very often.)

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