Just Dope It: Nike Drops Lance Armstrong

by Greg Pollowitz

Details here.

Of note, Radio Shack also dropped Lance Armstrong. Did Lance Armstrong ever do anything to help Radio Shack sell a single thing?

I also don’t get Nike standing behind Tiger Woods for his serial infidelity, but canning Armstrong. Yes, Armstrong probably doped, but so did everyone else by the reports. Not every golfer is “night putting” with the babysitter.

And what about Nike’s other athletes? For example, Alex Rodriguez admitted to steroid use and he’s still embraced by Nike:

A-Rod forgot how to hit, but he still knows how to win with the ladies.

Personally, I think this is stupid of Nike. Armstrong will be known for his fight against cancer and his Livestrong Foundation long after the cycling scandal is behind him. Nike is really losing its sponsorship of a high-profile health advocate, not an athlete at this point.

And as Tony Manfred at Business Insider points out, the only athletes Nike has dropped are Lance Armstrong and Michael Vick. Armstrong was just business as usual in professional sports, but he’s in league with the dog-torturer?

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