UNC Football Player Caught Plagiarizing Eleven-Year-Olds

by Corey Dean Hall

How much longer do we continue with the “student-athlete” charade for Division I football?

The North Carolina academics scandal is now affecting elementary schoolers.

Per a report in the News & Observer, North Carolina receiver Erik Highsmith plagiarized content from four 11-year-olds in order to fill a class requirement. Highsmith was required to add posts to blog for 30 percent of his grade and wrote about poultry farming and people and pets — the poultry piece was originally written and posted by kids in grade school:

The first entry was virtually identical to a passage on an education website written by four 11-year-olds for their peers. The second mirrored much of an essay someone posted on Urch.com, a website that helps people prepare for the SAT, GRE and other college entry exams.

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