Saturday’s College Football Predictions

by Greg Pollowitz

First up, “The Game.” I’m a superstitious fellow and am not happy that my Buckeyes have chosen this week to go with clown-college uniforms:

I guess they could be worse, but I’d feel safer if the Bucks were wearing the regular unis. I’ll go conservative and predict Ohio State over Michigan, in Urban Meyer’s debut, 49-14. My earlier, pre-clown-uniform prediction, was 72-0.

Next up, USC vs. Notre Dame. It looks like my preseason prediction that Coach Brian Kelly of Notre Dame would lose his job might, uh . . . not come true. He must be congratulated on his stellar season (I stand by my earlier statement that he should have been fired after the student videographer died, however). Notre Dame is dodging a bullet with the news that USC’s starting QB Matt Barkley is injured and won’t play on Saturday, but I don’t think that will be enough. The Irish haven’t choked all season and they’re due. I’m going with USC over ND, 24-21.

In other games: Alabama will cruise to a win over rival Auburn, Florida-Florida State, billed as BCS playoff game, will see Florida win in a squeaker, and Oregon will crush Oregon State, once again leaving Mark Hemingway to wonder what could’ve been.

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