Kudos to Penn State Players Who Stayed

by Corey Dean Hall

I’ve been hard on Penn State as an institution and an athletic department, but congratulations to Coach Bill O’Brien and those athletes who stuck together and put together a successful 8-4 season. The players had the option of transferring without the standard penalty. Let’s take a look at how those that did leave fared at their new schools:

Silas Redd – USC: 7-5
Tim Buckley – NC State: 7-5
Kevin Halea – Florida State: 10-2 with ACC championship yet to play
Khairi Fortt – Cal: 3-9
Rob Bolden – LSU: 10-2
Jamil Pollard – Rutgers: 9-2 with game vs. Louisville left.
Anthony Fera - Texas: 8-3 with game vs. Kansas State left.
Rob Nowicki - Illinois: 2-10
Justin Brown - Oklahoma: 9-2 with game vs. TCU left.

Then there’s the odd case of Dakota Royer, who quit the football team, but stayed at Penn State to get his degree.

That’s four of the nine that transferred who played for teams with worse records than the program they left. If that group of players stayed, it would be hard to imagine that the Nittany Lions wouldn’t have gone 10-2, and possibly even 11-1.

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